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Ilsa Parry is known for her passion, enthusiasm and creative thinking. She has inspired countless individuals as she continues to pursue her mission for creative value.


We have delivered to small seminar groups and full lecture theatres. From professional designers, brands and creatives seeking to demystify or get a different angle on their practice, to school pupils, considering a career move in design. We can tailor talks to suit your own objectives. 

Topic suggestions

For brands:

  • Appreciating design

  • The value of good design

  • Trends and the future

  • Brand integirty

For creatives:

  • Innovative practice in design

  • Bringing products to market

  • Digital crafts

  • Building a brand

For education:

  • Life as a designer

  • The future of making

  • The business of design

  • The process of product realisation

See full talk examples >> on our You Tube channel.

lsa's studio works with a range of professional organisations concerned with design education. We host visual talks with Q+A to varied audiences on contemporary issues that provide a deeper insight into what it means  to understand and engage with design.

Ilsa has engaged in talks for several universities across the UK from London to Northumbria. She was keynote speaker at the 2010 Design and Technology Association conference and has been a featured practitioner / speaker for a number of commercial and community organisations including Sony, Unilever, Bo Concept and Heals, Design Council UK, Made North and CING.

Turn your wounds into wisdom...