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The studio can provide a bespoke format for small groups to learn about a variety of creative methods and practical processes. We care about the connection that involvement and autonomy brings to how people perceive and value the material world.  

Topic suggestions


For organisations:

  • Developing ideas - approaches to mindmapping

  • Design conflict managment

  • Design and ecology


For creatives:

  • Life cycles - developing your design process

  • Branding your identity

  • Design for production - costing and considerations


For education:

  • Dragons den - pitching design solutions

  • Traditional vs digital - Modelmaking, CAD design and CAM technologies

  • Portfolio design

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Ilsa directs and manages all workshops and as a qualified leacturer with 11 years experience. From high school to professional development, you can be sure that the workshop will be engaging, motivational and context relevant.

Activities can be carried out at remote locations or client premises, but we also have access to a range of local production and conference facilities if your needs are more complex and beyond your own reach. Staff are CRB checked and qualified to deliver sessions to schools, colleges and universities. Most of our clients request a bespoke programme design to suit specific objectives but below are some suggestions: 

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