As part of her practice Ilsa engaged in design led research in collaboration with the Univeristy of Lincoln UK. 

Here she engages in collaborative research concerned with the future of manufacturing and customised product solutions for consumer focussed retail. Her three current projects fall under the .Titles to the left

Research informs her teaching at Lincoln as a part time  lecturer in product design with specialist knowledge of multidisciplinary practice, product commercialisation and art direction (specifically branding). 

She also provides sessional lectures for Salford University, contributing to international foundation, BA interior design and MA fashion innovation programmes.

 Overarching research aims:

3D printing and product customisation – exploring commercial accessibility and ease of engagement for designers and consumers to harness the possibilities of additive manufacturing for individualised design


Current research projects:

 Pre study:

“Determining possibilities for commercial models which engage the public as ‘designer’ through online communication and digital means of customised production.”

 Case study:

“Towards an understanding of the economic, social and cultural benefits of additive manufacturing vs injection moulding technology in product design customisation”


“The potential for digital communication, collaboration and production channels to forge new educational and commercial models for understanding and engagement with design, and the possible implications for sustaining the future of the design industry.”


Research interests include:
Additive manufacturing, design customisation, technology and communication, systems for global product commercialisation, the paradox between academia and commercial enterprise, smart and sustainable materials, innovative applications, the aging population, tools for “living”, design & health and well being, design democratisation, accessibility and attitudes to design value, perceptions of and engagement with creative practice, design pedagogy and the threat of the creative mind, witty design and emotive connections, problem solving, innovation and acceptance, the beauty of complex forms and our fascination with the impossible, divergent design practice and the digital age, meaningful design for human value systems,

3D printing, CAD, traditional craft processes, industrial production, smart materials, design pedagogy, branding, social media, sustainable design, humanistic design, enterprise, product commercialisation, IP, marketing, creative pedagogy, mutidisciplinary design.


I have been publically recognised twice by Liverpool Chamber of commerce for my contribution to both innovation and sustainability in design. I have worked on live projects with school children, to educate them on issues relating to human sustenance and the aging population, leading to institutional awards from Audi and the Design Council UK. I was a finalist in the “One good chair” competition run by the sustainable furnishings council and was awarded the “green award” by the Australian International furniture Fair in 2008 for my commitment to the product life cycle. 

Named inventor and IP owner for granted US patent on the flo standing and walking aid 
Named inventor and IP owner for granted UK patent on the flo standing and walking aid 
Named inventor for pending UK patent on Q’ears analogue hearing aid

Prior activity:
Design projects commissioned by clients include examples of installation, industrial design, product design, bespoke craft, branding, graphic design, digital design and design for retail, creative projects focus on designs which are sustainable, accessible, engaging and fundamentally beneficial to the end user. Operated as creative consultant and participated in creative research with organisations and individuals such as United Utilities, Jamie Oliver, Lego, Phil Redmond CBE, McDonalds, Unilever, Philips, BoConcept, Heals, Calligaris and Sony, providing talks, lectures and workshops to train staff and engage customers in the value of good design and the creative process. I write articles, contribute and produce publications around my research interests and deliver practice insights to a range of other UK HE institutions.

Parry, I., 2014. Kaleidoscope, Communicating the value of divergent design practice: End of the beginning, Manchester School of Art, Benzie Building, Manchester, October 2-13th 2014.
Parry, I., 2014. Making mischief, Knowledge, Creative & Digital: Creative Kitchen, International Festival for Business, West Africa House, Liverpool, UK, July 15 – 18th 2014.
Parry, I., 2013. Spirollight: designs to make at home from waste: Designjunction, London Design Festival, London, UK, September 19-22 2013.
Parry, I., 2013. MIY, Engage: Manchester Mini Makers Fair, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK, July 27-28th 2014.
Parry, I., 2013. Home Crafting: [RE]craft, Dalslands Konst Museum, Upperud, Sweden, July 1-30th 2014.
Parry, I. 2013. Rethinkthings collection: Spring fair international, Birmingham. February 10-13th 2013.
Parry, I. 2012. Rethinkthings collection: Pulse, London. June 15th-18th 2012.
Parry, I. 2012. Flo: Naidex independent living expo, Birmingham. May 1st-4th 2012.
Parry, I., 2012. Smart Products: Phosphorescent lighting, National centre for Craft and Design, Lincolnshire, UK, May 5th– 15th 2012.
Parry, I. 2012. 5ml: Home, London. January 18th-21st 2012.
Parry, I., 2011. Rethinkingthings: Design innovation, Design Event, Northern Design Festival, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK, October 10th-20th 2011.
Parry, I. 2011. 5ml: Tent, London. 16th-20st September 2011.
Parry, I., 2011. Inventive reactive design: 5ml Design Collective, Liverpool Design Festival, St Georges Hall, Liverpool, UK, October 16-19th 2011.
Parry, I., 2011. Reappropriated waste, What it “Sworth”: Linda Barker's Ideal Home, Earls Court, London, UK, May 15th-18th 2011.
Parry, I. 2011. 5ml: Spring fair international, Birmingham. February 12th-15th 2011.
Parry, I. 2010. 5ml: Maison et Objet, Paris. September 21st-24th 2010.
Parry, I. 2009. Rethinking materials: Pad Gallery, Preston, UK, December 12th-18th 2009.
Parry, I., & Cloke, M. 2009. Smart solutions: Eco Show, Liverpool, UK Oct 12th-15th 2009.
Parry, I. 2009. Design for life: 100% Design, London. September 21st-24th 2009.
Parry, I. 2009. Kaspa: Bluecoat display centre, Liverpool, UK, July 10th-11th 2009.
Parry, I. 2009. Memories of manchester: Open eye gallery, Manchester, UK, April 3rd-19th 2009.
Parry, I. 2009. In an ideal world: Biennial independents, Liverpool, UK, September 1st-30th 2009.
Parry, I. 2008. Reuse: Australian international furniture fair, Melbourne, Australia, February 3rd-26th 2008.
Parry, I. 2007. Contains: Redesigndesign, Newcastle, UK, September 2nd-18th 2007.
Parry, I. 2006. 100 shirts: Microzine, Liverpool, UK, June 8th-15th 2006.
Parry, I. 2005. Inner city living: Preston, UK, September 7th-12th 2005.
Parry, I. 2004. Selection box: The Triangle Centre, UK, November 7th-14th 2004.
Parry, I. 2004. The lighting show: Birmingham, UK, July 4th-8th 2004.
Parry, I. 2003. Make me: Manchester, UK November 3rd-16th 2003.
Parry, I. 2003. Designers Block: London, UK September 6th-11th, 2003.
Parry, I. 2003. New Designers: London, UK, July 12th, 16th 2003.


Parry, I. 2012. LMA trophy, object as graphic representation of achievement in the music industry.
Parry, I. 2015. Liverpool 08 bench “Storyteller”. Public installation as graphic representation and iconic legacy of the 2008 European capital of culture.
Parry, I. 2009. Kaspa ghost light, commercial, domestic lamp which utilises smart materials to provide light without energy use.
Parry, I. 2008. Peel superlambanana street installation, a humourous interpretation of an iconic sculpture.
Parry, I. 2009. Flo standing and walking aid, a revolutionary, carbon fibre, patent protected monocoque device, designed to allow dignified and independent elevation from seated to standing by those with lower body weakness. 
Parry, I., & Sutton, T. 2012. Bubble shelving, alternative aesthetic storage, commemorative of the London 2012 olympic games.
Parry, I. 2009. Spyke, outdoor drinking vessels designed to increase stability in use and offer a more convenient pattern of function.
Parry, I. 2012. Palette plate, re-appropriation of recognised forms within style conscious contexts to produce an inventive serving solution.
Parry, I. 2011. Spierre, outdoor, stackable, monocoque seating solution which offers simple adjustability for positioning, using existing natural resources.
Parry, I., & Walker, L. 2013, Offsterity coin. Exhibition piece which communicates the fiscal consequence of government policy in an immediately understandable format.
Parry, I. 2010. Pawly, a handcrafted, sculpted animal form with a useful function, experiments in emotive connection to inanimate objects.
Parry, I. 2004. Nozac, “medicinal” lighting employing smart materials to highlight an alternative approach to the 21st century ”quick fix”.
Parry, I. 2010. Sworth, Interior lighting pieces which “reuse” waste material.
Parry, I. 2014. Emperor, interior lighting pieces which communicate the creative mindset.
Parry, I. & Rimmer, S. 2011. Clocks which employ “bleaching and charring” experiments in wood to increase perceived value.


Parry, I. 2014. Making mischief, engaging timelapse of the process of digital modelling using haptic software.

Parry, I. 2014. #Hashtag greetings, screenprinted greetings cards designed to encourage a stronger cross generational communication path between digital and analogue.

Parry, I., & Sutton, T. 2014 MYNE branded “fairground” signage and brand identity for a retail brand who aims to uncover the design value in gift items though communication of emotive intent.

Parry, I. 2014. Design Deviant, Identity design to communicate the value of divergent practice.

Parry, I. 2014. Forgotten foods printed homeware, designed to reignite the legacy of family recipes, and traditional national home cooked dishes.

Parry, I., & Walker, L. 2014. Governmental baggage, development of printed giftware to communicate government attitudes to the modern age and to encourage reaction.

Parry, I. 2014. Rethinkthings, identity design to depict communicative wit.

Parry, I. 2014. Slow motion celebration video to enhance emotive connection for the viewer.

Parry, I. 2014. Beast of burden aprons, printed home / giftware designed to communicate the sentiment of activity in a witty and engaging way.

Parry, I. 2013. Laser cut flowers. Wedding bouquets depicting iconic life events.

Parry, I. 2014. Whoopee Cushions. Witty homeware to forge creative value.

Parry, I. 2011. Can cook window. A 2d+3d installation designed to educate on the value of healthy food choice.

Parry, I. 2013. ASOL poster campaign, emotive imagery to connect with the senses.

Parry, I. 2012. Scumbags & Handybags, graphic prints applied to giftware which make a witty connection to product function whilst evoking emotional connection to others.

Parry, I. 2013. Cityscape installation of iconic buildings at a social event to evoke memory.

Parry, I. 2014. Profitographic, infographics to communicate commercial gain.

Parry, I. 2014. Spirollight downloadable MIY instruction kits, exploring the future of retail, where consumers purchase instructions to create their own solutions.

Parry, I. 2014. Weather pattern prints complex prints with multi-layered imagery to evoke exploration and contemplation.

Parry, I. 2014. Taming the wild, graphic depictions of chaos and calm.

Parry, I. 2014. Kaleidoscope, installation depicting a system for communicating divergent design practice.

IFSODOSO, 2010. Conceptual input on the development of the Longform library, a large scale rocking library made to commission to engage individuals in the value of reading.
STARCK, 2010. Materials research input for the development of the Zartan chair, designed whilst resident at Starck Agency. This chair is industrially produced for the mass market, employing biodegradable eco resins. Also development of engaging communicative graphics to assist in deciphering design concept.
CAN COOK, 2010. Research and development to assist a social enterprise to develop a mobile and collapsible street food vending kiosk which trains ex offenders and unemployed graduates and offers those on low incomes, convenient access to healthy affordable food.
RETHINKTHINGS, 2010. Manufacturing development of an “easy clean” birdfeeder for the mass market to encourage enjoyment of outdoor space.
DAN HOOLAHAN DESIGNS, 2012. Manufacturing development of a storage device, created through re-appropriation of impossible mathematical forms.
RETHINKTHINGS, 2013. Packaging designs to communicate product personality and intended function.
JO COPE, 2012. CAD and manufacturing development of a sculpture depicting the shoe making history of Nottingham for the city museum.
4D PRODUCTS. 2011. Snapswall, concept development for production of an inventive solution for displaying photographic memories.
BROXAP. 2012. Concept development for street furniture to celebrate modern life and encourage community.
LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL, 2010. Development of an innovative merchandise line which connects with mind, body and soul.
CITY OF LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, 2011. Exhibition design and curation for end of year show.
MILTON LLOYD CHARITABLE TRUST. 2011. Design concept & research and development for production of Q’ears, injection moulded analogue hearing device which amplifies audibility through pinnae extension and smart use of materials. Intended for charitable donation for those who cannot afford a digital aid.
APPRECIATING PEOPLE. 2014. Design concept, & research and development of a flatpack, monocoque, collapsible display board for education and communicative purposes.
SONY. 2010. Cultivating creativity in approaches to physical gaming. Staff workshop to facilitate innovative thinking.
UNILEVER. 2010. From start to finish, Overcoming barriers to success. Staff workshop to motivate and encourage problem solving initiative.
BOCONCEPT. 2010, 2011 & 2013. A series of workshops with end users to uncover the hidden value in high end design.
DESIGN COUNCIL UK. 2010. Big Bang exhibition, Manchester. Workshops to facilitate young people to “Design out crime”.
DESIGN INITIATIVE. 2011. Design Stars, Liverpool. Workshops to facilitate young people to “innovate”.
DESIGN COUNCIL UK. 2011. Keeping connected, London. Workshops to facilitate young people to “Design for an aging population”.

Design researcher, consultant and multidisciplinary, creative practitioner for Ilsa Parry Design Studio (working across 8 disciplines to maximise meaningful creative value for clients, also home to branded in house interior collections which reflect the divergent ethos)
Managing director for Rethinkthings LTD (a B2B witty, design-led home and gift brand, licensing and manufacturing product for wholesale)
Founder and commercial director of concept gift store (where design led gifts are affordable, and categorised by sentiment to better communicate intended value)
Commercialisation of a patented standing and walking aid "Flo"
Partner and commercial director for 5ml Design Collective (connecting early stage designers to commission opportunities and taking innovative new products to global market)

Keynote speeches
Parry, I. 2010. Getting your work out there: The Cornerstone, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, Liverpool, UK.
Parry, I. 2010. Pedagogy for practice: Wirral local Authority annual D&T HOD’s conference, Wirral, UK.
Parry, I. 2010. Design is life, Personal learning and thinking skills and their relevancy to design pedagogy: Design and Technology association annual conference, Staffordshire, UK.
Parry, I., & Sutton, T. 2011. Collaborative practice & the creative process: Liverpool Design Festival, Liverpool, UK.
Parry, I. 2012. Design activity in the North of England: Made North annual conference, Liverpool, UK.


Parry, I. 2010. Make your mission work: Design council UK, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK.

Parry, I. 2010. Route to success: Approaches to creative practice: Manchester School of Art, Manchester, UK.

Parry I. 2011. What does it take to succeed in design? Staffordshire University, Staffordshire, UK.

Parry I. 2011. Design methods: Coventry University, Coventry, UK.

Parry I. 2011. Smart concepts and application: Northumbria University, Northumbria, UK.

Parry I. 2011. What is product design? Bolton University, Staffordshire, UK.

Parry, I. 2011. From Brain to Brand: Design realisation: Fab Camp, Liverpool, UK.

Parry, I. 2011 CING (Creative Industries Network Group) lecture, Design trends in a tough climate: Manchester Salon, Manchester, UK

Parry I. 2012. A future curriculum for D&T: Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK.

Parry I. 2012. Creative product design: A human perspective: Manchester engineering school, Manchester, UK.

Parry I. 2013. Can’t doesn’t exist: Design determination: Ravensbourne University, Ravensbourne, UK.

Parry i. 2014. Branding and realising product design ideas: Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK.

Parry I. 2014. Design Journeys: Multidimensional practice and commercial potential.  Hope University, Liverpool, UK.

Parry I. 2014. Conceptual /commercial: Divergent design practice, intention and impact.  Salford University, Salford, UK.

Parry I. 2014. Divergent design practice and the opportunity of creative practice, Bolton University, Bolton, UK.

Parry I. 2015. Divergent design practice and the opportunity of creative practice, Blackpool and Le Fylde University, Blackpool, UK.

Publication Contributions and Mentions
Star Products Designers by Irene Alegre, Published by Harper Design, 2013, ISBN: 0062210262.
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RE Craft by Redesign, Published by Redesign, LTD edition, 2013.
Its Liverpool Booklet by Aurora Media, Published by Liverpool Vision, LTD edition, 2010.
Capture Manchester – the book, Published by Cube Gallery Manchester, LTD edition, 2009.

Publications edited

Parry, I. 2014. ‘Metamorphosis, Ten years of divergent design practice transformed’, London: Blurb books. ISBN 13201339087


Journal articles featured in

Stables, K. (Prof.) 2010. ‘What makes an idea be worth sharing…or maybe recycling…or

maybe shredding? What do we want learners to ‘take home’?’, Design and Technology Education: An International Journal, issue 15.3.

McGlashan, A. 2014. “Intervention through Design: Encouraging a creative approach to learning in Technology”, Australasian Journal of Technology Education. Volume 1, P.42.


Articles written

Design Exchange Magazine Winter 2010. Issue 21 – Innovation for Designers. Liverpool Design week preview. 

Design Exchange Magazine Spring 2011. Issue 22 – Fast Forward Page 128. Liverpool Design Show review. 

Design Exchange Magazine Autumn 2011. Issue 24 - Collaborate Feature no 14. Commerce, community, skills and credit. Where does collaboration come into it? 

Design Exchange Magazine Winter 2011. Issue 25 – Places and stories. Feature no 13. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me begin.


Other outputs

Contribution of themed images to BURO zine. Issues; 1 “Misplaced”, 2013. 2 “Holiday”, 2013.  3 “contexts”, 2014.

Radio interview, BBC Radio Merseyside, Dave Monks Show. 24th August 2013.

Radio interview, BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips Show. 25th March 2012.

Co-presented episode 1 of “Brazil Road trip” for Discovery Channel Europe, 2010.

Radio interview, BBC Radio 4, Womens Hour with Jane Garvey and Dr.Lesley Morris, Design Council UK. 25th October 2009.

Paid internship, Starck UBIK, “Le agence de Starck” Paris, 2009.

Radio interview, BBC Radio Merseyside, Claire Hamilton Show. 28th August 2009.

Featured in 6 episodes of BBC Design for Life with Philippe Starck, 2008.

Travel award, Blaker, Hogskola, Akershus, three month woodturning residency, 2002.


Awards and recognition

April 2013 - Winner - Innovation prize >>Chamber of Commerce

July 2011 - Runner up - Service design education project >> Design Council

Mar 2011 - Shortlisted - Eco Home Showcase >> Ideal home show

Feb 2011 - Shortlisted Hothouse showcase >> WGSN

Jan 2011 - Shortlisted - Gift of the year 2011 >> Giftware Association

Sept 2010 - Shortlisted - ONMI bag for show inclusion >> BBC Apprentice

Nov 2009 - Winner - Recycled art competition >> Chamber of Commerce

Oct 2009 -  Winner - Innovation award >>LJMU and Liverpool Vision

June 2009 - Finalist - One good chair competition >>SFC

May 2009 - Finalist - Grand ideas awards >>Shell

May 2009 - Shortlisted  - Gift of the year >>Giftware Association

Nov 2008 - Winner - Design for life with Philippe Starck >>BBC

April 2008 - Winner - 08 Bench Competition >>Liverpool echo

Feb 2008 - Finalist - Green Award  >>Australian International Furniture Fair

Jan 2005 - Semi Finalist - Design education awards >>Audi

July 2003 - Winner - The Lighting Award >>Phillips

Feb 2003 - Runner up - Student Design Competition >>Corus Metals 

Member of the Design Research Society
Member of the Metadesigners Network
Member of the British European Design Group
Member of Enterprise Nation
Friend of the Design and Emotion society
Associate member of the Design Society
Associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Sustainable Furnishing Council contributing member

Research is formalised curiosity...