Biennial Velcro Bags

Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest visual art festival. Ilsas studio was invited to respond to the theme of touched by considering how we as humans interpret what it means to be “touched” by something. Touched in mind, touched in soul, touched in body. 


Aside from needing sellable merchandise to compliment the event, The Biennial wanted something unique that would tie in with the event branding of red and black wolves and also with their overall brand identity at the time. The idea was to create a bag that could be worn as “uniform” by the Biennials army of helpers and volunteers around the festival.


The touched concept was interpreted through matter. Using Velcro as a material for the bag structure that sticks to your body (clothing) and therefore sticks in the mind touching you psychologically. The “strip and grip” construction allows for complete versatility for the end user in how they choose to use it, what they allow it to contain and how they wear it. The matter itself therefore has been touched by the human, modified, enhanced and made unique.

All items were hand made in house by hand by the team.



Ilsa is bursting with great ideas and has a methodical approach that ensures she responds to the brief and the changing views of others key to the process.