Bubble Shelves

Ilsa collaborated with Tom Sutton Designs to produce these shelving sets at limited edition runs for rethinkthings.


Designed in 2011 for 2012 to co-incide with the London olympics. We evolved Tom Suttons best selling "Cell" shelving collection to create this brightly coloured circular set of five rounded shelves.


Attractive and unusual shelving as a place to showcase rather than stockpile. The Bubble shelving set is the first in a conveniently packaged production range which uses shelving as a frame for highlighting and drawing attention to the meaningful objects we keep in our homes.

Each colour slots inside the next for ease of storage and delivery in retail. Each set was made at a Birmingham steelworks and then powder coated for durability.

Can be used in a range of context outside of the home, for example, towel storage in gyms and salons or displaying sports related goods in retail due to the olympic link.

The attractive and versatile design means that a range of configurations can be used across larger spaces, even the negative space between shelves makes way for unusually shaped items, particularly with reference to toys and games in a child's room.