Liverpool Music Award Trophies

Ilsa was approached by Ellie Phillips (LMA director) to design and produce this statement trophy that would be given to local musicians in recognition of their achievements in the industry in both 2012 and 2013. Ellie came to the studio with a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve, something completely unique and distinctive which would eventually become an icon associated with the event. 

We worked with Ellie to create a range of options for two successive years that the event ran. Thanks to CAD technologies we were able to provide full visualisations of the intended look and feel of the items before they were produced. She was given the option of full consultation on all details from the type of wood used, the anodised finish to the finest detail on the wax seal. Both years has a slightly different look to distinguish one batch from the next.


The final design incorporated Ellie's idea of a musical manuscript scroll. We worked with CAD technologies and collaborated with silversmith Tom Sutton to achieve a 'cut out' effect for the notes. This, combined with a coiled metal ribbon unwinding loosely around the scroll allowed the scroll to appear as though it were slowly unrolling to reveal hidden layers of new music, the coil also secured the cantilevered scroll to a solid hardwood base which was hand turned on a lathe in our own workshop. We like to consider that the trophy formation is representative of revealing the often hidden talent within a city which holds strong ties to those that absorb it in their work.


I wanted the awards to be as inclusive as possible, bringing together everyone in Liverpool from all walks of life to champion those who do incredible things behind the scenes and contribute so much to the music industries in our city. I asked Ilsa to work on a scroll design that would symbolise outstanding achievement and eventually become the icon for the awards. I love how she interpreted the shape, the ribbon becomes the stand for the trophy – very clever! When she first showed me the designs I was actually in love with the look, the final design is gorgeous!