Long Form Library

In exhibition at Chatsworth House
Filled with books
Being tested
Newly finished

Ilsa worked with Thomas Mills of Ifsodoso to consider how his idea of an immersive reading space could be designed and constructed in such a way so that it was not only an environment, but also a product in its own right. Drawing attention to the creative and mindfulness aspects of reading, together they developed ideas for a space where one could be fully immersed in words. The experience of use induces a deep sense of focus and privacy so that the words sink in more effectively and remain longer in the mind.


Ilsa consulted with Tom over several weeks and assisted with strategy, design thinking and visualisation through sketches. When the concept was finalised, Tom took it away and worked with his team at Ifsodoso to realise the build. He launched it in 2011 and it received immense industrial interest. Tom's company now makes these to specification as part of their portfolio of work.