Nozac Lighting

This “medicinal” lighting range, created from paracetamol blister packaging emphasises a conceptual message graphically through its form and construction. Nozac lamps are created by manipulating vacuum formed pharmaceutical blisters straight from the production roll into the form of a double helix to represent our physical make up or “DNA”. 

Each blister clips inside the next for a “fixing free” formation. The blisters are previously impregnated with phosphorescent solution which effectively glows when the light is switched off. A metaphor for an alternative,  “daze inducing” chemical effect to promote natural healing.


Both the standing version (with a paracetamol base) and the pendant, emit a calming blue or green aura, thus reminding us that the ability to create a relaxing environment in which to take rest, could be considered a more sustainable and healthy alternative to anti-depressants and energy supplements that keep us all ticking in contemporary society.

A thought inducing approach to everyday objects.