Palette Plate

The palette plate began as a play on words and image. Being asked to “redesign the plate” was like being asked to reinvent the wheel.


Some mindmapping with words and image led to questions surrounding the links between palate, palette and plate. Discussions took place between Ilsa and the designers in the studio with concern to whether form, colour, texture, shape, presentation and function, if taste was really linked to art itself could enhance the experience of eating. 


The idea to create a plate shaped like an artists palette was developed in the hope that people might see the association between fine art and fine dining. If used in the right setting for example, to serve hors d'oeuvres at high end events, this new plate interpretation might somehow act as a placebo to enhance flavour and quality.

The initial form was 3D CAD modeled and 3D printed in ABS to create a former for the plaster mould to be taken. The final plate is slip cast earthenware with a white gloss glaze.