Peel Superlambanana

In 2008 to co-incide with Liverpool being crowned European Capital of Culture. Ilsa worked with Wild in Art to create three, two metre high replicas of an iconic sculpture "the Superlambanana" designed by Manhattan-based Japanese artist Taro Chiezo, homed in the city. The original sculpture is a cross between a banana and a lamb and is intended as a comment on the dangers of genetic food engineering. 

Ilsa designed one of these replicas (Peel) and was commissioned to realise another two, which were designed by locals. The Peel version depicted a three dimensional adaptation in fibreglass being literally peeled. The design was developed to celebrate the vibrancy, playfulness and humour of Liverpool and its people and get people to question the thought behind the original design by considering what was behind / inside it. The outer peel was added using fibreglass and the whole sculpture took several layers of finishing and painting to create the final effect. This was homed on Speke Boulevard roundabout for a number of years before being eventually purchased by Sir Phil Redmond for his private collection at a pricetag of £25,000 at auction.


The other two designs were made for United Utilities (local water company). Staff members ad their families had sent in their ideas and two were chosen by the organisation to be created by Ilsa. These included a 3D translation of  a sketch produced by an employees daughter which combined natural scenery with a bicycle to make reference to a water cycle and the United Utilities corporate logo painted across another of the forms. 

The water cycle version involved disassembling an existing bicycle and welding and fixing elements and components to the internal Lambanana fibreglass structure. The top section was created using 2D CAD technologies to lasercut sheet acrylic. These were homes at Liverpools Royal Albert Dock for exhibition purposes.