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NHS Cheshire and Merseyside - Interviews/Focus Groups/Tree Testing

Project type

UX Research



Amity Discovery Report

Pre Launch User Testing Report

A 12 week discovery phase including 1:1 interviews and guerrilla research followed by closed beta usability testing, to fully assess the current experience of patients, service users and clinicians of the NHS Trusts in Cheshire & Merseyside. We wanted to understand how each user group from the regions 2.6 million residents, could most benefit from a patient-held digital platform and what their immediate pain points were of in person services. From 1:1 interviews with 13 participants and a number of further conversations with people in and around healthcare centres, 6 distinct user personas were collated, as a reference for validation of future alpha proposals. Site architecture was formed from card sorting, prior to UI/UX design which was later usability tested in closed beta, to form 21 further improvements to 9 existing features. See links for full reports.

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