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NHS Herefordshire Patient Engagement Portal - Unmoderated Diary Studies & Quantitative Surveys

Project type

UX Research



My Health and Wellbeing Soft Launch User Testing Report

My Health and Wellbeing Pre-Hard Launch User testing report

Participant briefing presentation

The Herefordshire and Worcestershire NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) sought to absorb a prior digital platform as a basis to build out a larger patient engagement solution for the entire regional health population. I undertook a service and content review of the existing portal and service blueprinting exercises to establish the best approach, working with participants to explore the potential feature landscape for the region. I engaged in 1:1 interviews with clinicians and several evaluative workshops with patients to form recommendations for the region wide MVP. This was later followed up by unmoderated user testing prior to public beta in the form of qualitative diary studies, and “before and after” surveys to benchmark usability against key performance indicators. See links for full reports.

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