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NHS Worcestershire - Moderated Usability, Heatmapping & A/B Testing

Project type

UX Research



OAMHS Discovery Report

OAMHS Alpha>Beta usability testing

An extensive discovery phase, followed by alpha user testing with patients and carers in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. This project explored the potential for some of the region's most digitally challenged and excluded dementia patients to be able to access and make use of an online health portal. Discovery employed both primary and secondary methods to establish the scope and priorities, facilitating 11 participant consultation meetings and workshops with 149 participants over 8 weeks, exploring challenges and attitudes through open-ended discussion of participant lived experience. The insights resulted in user personas providing clear user acceptance criteria and hypotheses for a feature roadmap proposal. Recommended features were wireframed in alpha and placed in sequential flows to illustrate the user journeys to goal, which were then presented for evaluation in alpha through remote workshops consisting of A/B testing, and also moderated usability testing (including primitive eye tracking and heatmapping) to validate hypotheses and explore our riskiest assumptions related to the MVP solution. See links for full reports.

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