Spierre Outdoor Seating

Spierre as a concept was initially created in response to a competition launched in 2009 by the sustainable furniture council for which it became a finalist. We submitted a proposal for this occasional outdoor seating device to be rotationally moulded. It aims to bring people together by encouraging involvement in the great outdoors. 


The stackable Speer is easily transported to any outdoor event and speered and twisted into soil or sand to provide seating at any height and angle dependent upon the nature of the event.


Straightforward to set up and intuitive to use, the unit can be positioned to suit the way the body needs to rest, whether perching at a sports game or crouching around a beach barbeque. Its also designed to be stacable and easy to carry over the shoulder.

The prototype was realised through an initial CAD model which was laser cut from 6mm MDF to create a basic former. This was then sanded down and coated with car body filler to a glass like finish. Fibreglass was hand laid over the former to create the final monocoque form. The finished prototype was then 3D scanned to create a more accurate CAD model post physical testing.