Spirollight Repurposed Lighting

A geometric chandelier inspired by venn diagrams and mandalas. With a raw urban aesthetic, this is upcycled lighting at its best. Made from everyday materials, Spirollight is created by cutting and interlocking recycled cardboard cylinders from a pre conceived pattern. This unusual decorative construction follows Ilsa's fascination with mathematical compositions and life cycles. 


Having been an avid “Spirograph” user as a child with a genuine concern for issues of sustainability throughout her career, Ilsa collaborated with graduate Andrew Luft to craft this Chakra formation. Sanskrit for “wheel or turning”, the resulting outcome denotes “enlightenment” and a sacred geometry of endless rotation, perfectly apt to reflect its origin.

An experimental project with a focus on raising questions around sustainability, the Spirollight was first shown at the Museum of Science and Industry, Mini Maker Faire in Manchester, a gathering of enthusiastic makers, hacking, playing exploring and making in various materials, using a plethora of new technologies and a wealth of ingenuity. At the show, there were plenty of activities for family members to get involved with, soldering, stitching, and lots, lots more.


For us, there was great interest in the Spirollight and its construction, people were surprised and humoured at the choice of materials and enthused by the idea that they could create it themselves. The interest in this project spread cross continent as the idea was tested and exhibited at the Gothenburg Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum).