A Multidimensional approach to creative consultancy

Situated in Liverpool city centre, our hideout is a place of activity where local attitudes and values are embedded in both the design strategy and approach to client projects.


It is the place that client meetings are held, workshops are run and the birthplace of giftware brand "Rethinkthings LTD". The studio consists of an office and meeting space, a showroom, a workshop for making magic and it's where all the tools and supplies are kept for realising dreams.


This is a place where creativity adds value, communities are formed and enterprise is sparked. 



Ilsa's approach to design is highly adaptive and draws inspiration from unexpected contexts. She believes that recognising patterns and links to other cultures, industries and practices is fundamental to innovation and the first step in contextualising the call for renewal. 


Those that engage with design activity to explore renewal, embark in essense, on the search for greater meaning. The perception and understanding of which shifts cyclically, in flux and at the mercy of diverse external factors, which ultimately must be understood to create relevance.


Working to apply an empirical approach to systems thinking across several disciplines brings a deep understanding of sustainable approaches for creative projects, commercial clients and community activities. This diversity fuels stimulus for a wider harmonic approach to design evolution and results in more sustainable outcomes with a deeper human connection.



Studio 1, Ward St, Liverpool, L3 5XX  

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