Sworth Lighting

The sworth lighting collection utilises aluminium offcuts from engineering lathes, otherwise known as “swarth” to highlight the value in that which we disregard. It was the winner of an Eco art Award from Liverpool Chamber of commerce in 2009.


Huge volumes of swarth is a regular waste byproduct of engineering when fabricating from any metal using a lathe. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, but it is never found free in nature, it's extracted from minerals, a process that consumes huge amounts of energy, this consumption is then augmented through reprocessing. 


This collection considers the absurdity of this wasteful process and offers an application for swarth in its raw form as opposed to encouraging recycling of it which further consumes energy.


A range of pendant and standing lights of various configurations were made over a two year period to commission in collaboration with colleague and designer Tom Sutton, celebrating the beauty of this otherwise wasted by-product.