Weather Pattern Wallpaper

Our mood is affected hugely by our environment both indoors and out. "Weather Pattern" wallpaper brings the abstract elements of the physical world inside.


Designed in three variations to suit the mood that sits most comfortable with the feeling that you wish to create in a room. "Cumulo nimbus" in grey, for rooms that are meant for calm and quiet, "Electric storm" in aqua, for vibrancy and conversation and "Thunder and lightening" in yellow and grey for energy and warmth. 


Complex in design and atmospheric in application, the patterns and repeats are threaded and woven with multiple layers of imagery, sure to keep your eyes engaged and your mind wandering. Reminiscent of the Zeigeist of the seventies, these prints were inspired by atomised individualism and reflect the post digital intricacies of our contemporary lives, as we seek to reidentify our surroundings with our feelings.